Ferrous Casting

Grade 500/7, 400/12, 400/18, 600/3 , 700/2 etc.
S.G Iron Grades. IS: 1865,DIN: 1693 GGG 40 & 50, JIS: G: 5502, BS: 2789, ASTM –A 536, EN 1563 En-JS 1049,1030,1040,EN-GJS-400-GGG 40
18 Years of Excellence in Ferrous Casting - Serving Special Requirements, Manufacturing of Structures

HPAL Castings produces all grades of Grey and SG Iron Grade castings to Indian and International standards, can also be produced at a customer's request. Latest design & fabrication techniques are used to manufacture our range of S.G Iron Castings to make these perfect for wide section of different applications. The company has adopted a quality management system & has acquired ISO: 9001:2000 certifications in the year 2002. The company is committed to produce quality goods along with complete customer satisfaction and also comply with Pressure Equipments Directive 97/23/EC for Pressure Equipments.

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Quality Control & Testing Laboratory
Sand Testing Equipments

Sieve Analyzer, Compatibility, Universal sand Testing. Permeability & Moisture Tester, Mould Hardness.

Chemical Laboratory

Strohlein Apparatus, Muffle Furnace, Oven, Glassware for Gravimetric and volumetric analysis. Spectro Analysis from NABL approved laboratory.

Mechanical Testing

Universal Testing Machine, Hardness Tester 3000kg/10mm, Impact Testing machine and Deep Freezer for 20˚C testing.

Micro Analysis

Micro and polishing equipments, image analyzer attached to microscope.


S G Iron is also known as Spheroidal Graphite Iron, Ductile Cast Iron, Nodular Cast Iron, Spherulitic Graphite Cast Iron. S G Iron is a type of cast iron that has been treated while molten with an element such as magnesium or cerium to induce the formation of free graphite as nodules or spherulites. This imparts a measurable degree of ductility (easily manipulated) to the cast metal. The ductile iron family offers the design engineer a unique combination of strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and toughness, as well as excellent ductility characteristics.

Some of Major Clients

Since 2002, HPAL trusted by over 500+ large companies and brands to fulfil their industrial components and casting needs.