Machine Facilities

Machine Shop
  • Full fledged machine shop installed with CNC Turning,Vertical Machining Center,lathes, Milling

    machines, Drill machines, Grinding machines to machine castings as per drawing dimensions
Heat Treatment
  • Bell type 1 tonne capacity Electric furnace with thyrester base temperature controller having

    accuracy +/- 2˚C .
Pattern Shop
  • To Prepare metallic patterns for machine moulding applications with milling, Turning & Drilling

    machine, Pattern making table, Height Gauge etc.
Associated Facilities
  • Pattern Manufacturing through CNC and VMC using latest Modeling software
  • M1TR machines
  • Cylindrical & Center less grinder
  • Simulation Technique for approval of Gating and Risering System during Product Development
Utilities Services
  • Diesel Gen set 82.5 & 32 KVA
  • Air Compressors –Reciprocating and Screw
  • Water softener & R.O.Plant