HPAL Testing Facilities

Precision Engineering with High Tensile Strength

Micro Analysis

Microscope & Polishing Equipments, Image Analyzer attached to Microscope

Mechanical Testing

Universal Testing Machine, Hardness Tester 3000kg/10mm, Impact Testing machine and Deep Freezer for -20˚C testing.

Sand Testing Equipments
  • Sieve Analyzer, Compatibility, Universal sand Testing.
  • Permeability & Moisture Tester, Mould Hardness.
Chemical Laboratory
  • Strohlein Apparatus, Muffle Furnace, Oven, Glassware for Gravimetric and volumetric analysis.
  • Spectro Analysis from NABL approved laboratory.
Some of Major Clients

Since 2002, HPAL trusted by over 500+ large companies and brands to fulfil their industrial components and casting needs.